I am a thirty six year old mother of two beautiful daughters, and I love food.  I also love to be fit and sometimes I realize those two things don’t go well together, but they can.  Most of my adult life I’ve been working out and conscious of my weight.  When I was younger I played a lot of competitive tennis and worked out without even realizing what I was doing.  So I was healthy and fit and never really thought about it.  My freshman year in college I befriended someone who had an eating disorder and for a brief three months or so I took on her unhealthy starvation methods and lost a freshman fifteen, but like I said I love food and starving myself was never going to work for me.  So while in college I begin to hit the gym, I learned a lot about the importance of weight lifting mixed with cardio and I found I loved the way I felt and looked when I incorporated weight lifting into my routine.  However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried many quick fix pills, I was a huge fan of Ephedra when I was in my twenties, and I was pretty disappointed when they took it off the market.  As you will find on my fitness page, I have tried a great deal of fitness and nutrition plans and continue to try them even today.  I admit with some regret that I obsess sometimes about what I see in the mirror, and as I get older I realize without obsessing my body changes pretty quickly and reversing the damage is getting harder and taking longer.  I’m a huge fan of food, and that is probably because my family loves to eat, so much so that four and a half years ago my husband and I along with my parents opened a restaurant in Frisco, TX called One2One Restaurant and Bar.  Owning a restaurant has taught me a lot about food, and I have learned people are passionate about what they eat.  Pretty much everything we celebrate and do centers around food.  My family eats out more then we eat in and we celebrate almost anything with a meal.  But as satisfying as it can be to eat delicious food filled with an overload of calories, it can’t go on forever and for me comes with a price.  I’m known for saying I can just look at food and gain a pound, in other words I was not blessed with a genetically gifted metabolism.  So I have learned it’s okay to have a cheat day or even sometimes a cheat weekend, but I have to get back on something eventually.  Finally, the fun part.  I love to have fun, it’s no secrete to those that know me, I enjoy wine and cocktails, I love to be adventurous and will try just about anything, and I would rather be on a beach somewhere more than anywhere else in the world.  So I have created this site because I love to write, I love to eat, I love fitness and I love to have fun.  So why not combine them all and share it.  What you will find on this site is I am open and honest.  I write about the many nutrition programs and pills I have tried for fitness and weight loss, you’ll find out why I tried them, if they worked and would I do it again.  I’ll write about the many experiments I try in the kitchen, my own creations and those I try from others.  As I said before we eat out a lot, so I’ll share my favorite restaurants and also the favorite dishes at my own restaurant.  I also write about my daughters and how I struggle with the thin line I walk between obsessing about my own body image and not wanting to reflect that on them or their opinions about their own bodies.  And Finally, I love to travel, and as I write about the places I go I will talk about food a lot and also how I worked in some kind of crazy fitness plan while on vacation.  I also love to explore my own area and love finding new place to go for hike, go fishing, a fun park or museum, we don’t sit still very well at my house so we are always out doing or trying something…and of course eating.  I am also in love with photography and capture everything I can.  I hope you find something of interest, enjoy my site and will give your honest feedback.  Thanks for stopping by.

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