For most of my adult life I have worked hard to stay fit, and that has more often than not meant that I was trying some new diet plan, fitness routine, or even sometimes some raved about supplement that I found online or heard about on TV.  I hope saying that doesn’t completely ruin my credibility, but I have be honest I’d like the edge some of these supplements promise.  On this page you will find the many things I have tried or that I am currently trying, I’ll include a brief synopsis of the plan, if it worked or is working and whether or not I will try it again or if I think it’s sustainable for a long period of time.  These are my own experiences, I am not trying to knock any of these programs or endorse them.  I wish fifteen years ago I could have found all in one place on the internet or in a book a review of the many different diet and fitness plans out there.  It might have helped me skip a few, but probably not…I tend to believe in giving most anything a try.

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