home_thumb_p90xSeveral summers ago while laying in bed late at night with my husband, we were watching the P90X infomercial and for the first and only time we actually picked up the phone and ordered it. The plan was to get a fitness program that we could do together and the infomercial was extremely convincing that our lives and bodies would change significantly. So about a week later the 12 disc DVD program and nutritional guide showed up in the mail.

I was excited to start and read through all the instructions and tried to bribe my husband to do the first day with me so we could start at the same time and be on the same track. He however in the light of day wasn’t as excited. So I began by myself.

What it is….P90X is created by fitness guru Elite trainer Tony Horton. It is a 90 day fitness and nutritional program designed to get your body in it’s best shape by using a well laid out nutritional guide along with a 12 disc workout program designed to promote muscle confusion so that your body never gets too comfortable, your muscles continue to be surprised and thus your body continues to see results. It’s not designed to be easy and it will work.

The first disc on week one day one is chest and back. It was tough because it’s lots of push ups and pull ups performed in several different ways. In the beginning I couldn’t do a pull up so I used the weight bands instead. I loved it and felt great. I learned new ways to perform push ups to work different muscle groups…my favorite and most difficult move is the diamond push up.

The second day week one is Plyometrics. It kicked by butt. I thought I was going to collapse. It was so hard. Plyometrics is high impact high energy moves preformed back to back. You work hard, and you sweat. It is really tough but it feels amazing when it’s over. I felt like if I can do this I can do any of the rest of these discs. Plyo was hard for me for at least the first three to four weeks, and then it got a little easier and I didn’t feel like throwing up half way into the workout. By the end of 90 days I was loving the plyo days because I knew I was going to get a fantastic workout and feel amazing.
The legs and back DVD is also one of my favorite…I was sore in places I didn’t know could get sore. My butt got an incredible workout and I love that feeling the next day when you can feel every muscle you worked.
Yoga days were my least favorite, I like yoga, but the video is 90 minutes long! I don’t have time in my schedule to do ninety minutes of yoga. I realized however there are many great health benefits to yoga and it’s much harder then some people might think. I had some difficulty with some of the more advanced moves, but loved the progress over time. At the end of 90 minutes I felt more relaxed.

All of these workouts will kick your butt at first but over time you will get better at them and they will become easier, however they don’t lose effectiveness. You will be stronger and more fit if you stick to this workout plan. I still pop in these DVDs quite frequently, especially the Plyometics workout. I do the upper body workout (shoulders, biceps and triceps) almost once a week without the DVD.

I highly recommend this program for anyone that wants to be stronger, leaner and just overall more fit then they are today. I think no matter what your fitness level, you will find P90X is the real deal if you want to be your fittest self. You have to stick with it, and you should also include the nutritional plan and supplements (especially the recovery drink). I didn’t follow the nutritional guide, so I know my results were not as life changing as some of the amazing before and after pictures they boast in their infomercial, however I did see outstanding results. I felt better, looked better and was noticeably stronger at the end of 90 days. Plus the sense of accomplishment you feel when you stick to something like this for three full months is unbelievably rewarding. So if you are ready for a real challenge with real results, give this one a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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