Running for Weight Loss PRO

I downloaded this App on my Iphone a couple of weeks ago.  I love it!  I have been using Endomondo for a couple of years, and I like it a lot and still use it.  However, I wanted to mix up my runs and get a little more out of them.  Typically with Endomondo I would just run for as long as I felt I could each day and I’d only use the app to let me know how far and fast I went.  The Running for Weight Loss Pro app is a motivator to get your heart rate up and encourages interval training, which I love.

The App is only $3.99.  It features three different levels of training, so whether you can barely run a mile or you run regularly, this app is great and will get you in shape.  It offers step by step instructions beginning with a warm up, then depending on the level you set for yourself it will tell you to run for a certain amount of time and then to sprint for a short time and then walk for a short time, and then you repeat.  It lets you know when to change your pace.  You can also listen to music while running, earn achievements that you can share with friends and you can even synchronize it with other tracking devices you might already be using such as run keeper, map my run and fitbit.

I get an incredible workout when using this app, far better then just going for a long even paced run.  And when I don’t feel like running outside I apply the same walk/run/sprint routine on my elliptical and get a great workout doing that too.

Definitely recommend this app!

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