Recipes I Love

I love to cook and I rarely stick to a recipe, which is why I am not a great baker, I’m just not exact enough to bake.  Good thing I don’t really like sweets.  But I can cook and I enjoy doing it.  I will often look for recipes as inspiration and then use what I have on hand or what I like to “edit” the recipe to be my own.  I also come up with my own recipes quite often and this is usually based on either foods I love or foods I think my family will love.  I find it fun to experiment in the kitchen.  My grandmother and mother are both great cooks and neither one really follow recipes, and my sister is the baker and definitely much more type A personality and thus more exact then me.  I hope you enjoy my recipes and let me know if you try something, especially if you make it better!zucchini cut 2 Peppers for fit2IMG_6039Arugula Salad 2 small

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