We love to travel and have been to some really amazing places over the years. We are blessed in that we often travel with our entire family, my parents, my sister and her family and our children. The kids have had many adventures together and have seen some incredibly beautiful places.
I am scuba diver, diving is probably one of my favorite things to do, so when we travel to places where I can dive, I always do it. For years, my mom would dive with me which was such a special thing to experience together. We went diving together for the first time on vacation in Cozumel when I was 18 years old. I took scuba diving as an elective my freshman year in college and became certified right before the trip. The Coral wall surrounding Cozumel is amazing. We saw so many beautiful fish and one of the biggest lobsters I’ve ever seen. We also had a school of dolphins swim right over our heads, we could reach up and touch them. I was instantly hooked and have been diving ever since. Unfortunately my mom has had several surgeries on her foot and isn’t comfortable diving anymore and since no one else in my family including my husband will get certified to go with me I have to go by myself. Which can be a bummer when I see something really cool and want to point it out. I need to take a camera, but with all the other equipment to worry about I rarely bother with one. Luckily my husband will usually come with me and stay on the boat talking to the captain, so at least if I don’t come back up someone is looking for me : )

I also love photography and I have some really beautiful pictures of the different places we have been. Lots of sunsets, sunrises and nature pictures mixed in with 100’s of family photos.

Usually when we travel we rent homes so that we can all be under one roof, but we have also stayed at some incredible resorts that I will tell you about. I’ll also tell you about the food everywhere we go. We love to eat in my family and it seems like on vacation we plan everything around our next meal. As the kids have multiplied over the years we try to eat at home as often as possible, which makes for a healthier and more relaxed vacation. But I still have plenty of great restaurants to tell you about just in case you have the chance to visit them.

Finally, I think you can find fitness anywhere you go and for me if I didn’t find time to workout I’d put on ten pounds in one week with the way we eat and drink. I love to fit in workouts that are different then something I could do at home, like biking or running on the beach, hiking, swimming laps in the ocean, etc. Staying fit while over indulging on vacation is a balance, but it can be fun.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures, and have the opportunity to visit some of the places I love.

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