Costa Rica – Peninsula Papagayo

Costa Rica is probably one of my favorite places we have ever been. Our vacation there in 2009 was just amazing and I’m ready to go back! We stayed at the beautiful Four Seasons Resort  in the Casa de La Luna Residence perched way up on the tip of the hill with panoramic views of the ocean.
It was spectacular! The home was pristine with beautiful décor. The view was amazing especially from the large negative edge pool.


From our house we saw many Howler Monkeys which was so much fun for everyone, but the kids were just amazed. The wildlife around the house was just incredible. Every Morning I would walk out on the patio and be in awe of the incredible views. It was surreal.

Like I’ve said before I love to scuba dive and the diving on this trip was outstanding. We took a boat to the Catalina Islands, which is one of the most popular places to dive in Costa Rica. The abundance of marine life around this rock formation is just breathtaking. We saw schools of beautiful tropical fish, barracudas, sharks, and many rays. We also saw my very favorite animal, a beautiful sea turtle. After we went on this dive we took the boat back towards the resort and did another dive around the Punta Gorda rock formation. We saw more Eagle Rays and some dolphins and a large tiger shark. Both dives were truly amazing.

As amazing as the scuba diving was, the zip lining was probably my favorite thing we did while in Costa Rica. I had never been zip lining and so I definitely went extreme for my first time going. Again my mom was my companion, I couldn’t get anyone else to go with me and even though she didn’t really wan to go and ended up not loving it, she didn’t want me off flying through the rainforest without someone and she knew she couldn’t really stop me, so off we went. A shuttle picked us up right at the resort, we did the Witches Rock Canopy Tour They were outstanding, very professional and safety oriented. The tour takes about an hour and a half, we experienced sweeping views and exciting zips through the rainforest. We were there during the dry season so we didn’t see much of the waterfall that is there during the rainy season, however the views of the ocean were spectacular and wildlife was all around. We were literally flying through the trees, on 11 different cables some as long as 450 meters. It was a bit tricky to learn how to slow yourself down, this was something I’m not sure my mom ever mastered and so she would come flying up to the platform and the guides would have to “catch” her…it was embarrassing. The experience was incredible, I cannot even begin to describe how exhilarating it was. I would definitely do this again and most certainly recommend this company!

One of the craziest things we did…one I’m not sure I’d do again or at least not with young children was the boat tour in a crocodile invested river along the Palo Verde National Park. The area was beautiful and we saw incredibly beautiful wildlife, like none I’ve ever seen in fact. The company was well run and very professional. However, it was a bit scary to have a five and six year old with us speeding through the river with Crocodiles around every turn. I’d definitely recommend both the Palo Verde Boat tours company and the experience.

I was in photography heaven as there was so many beautiful things to capture: the river banks, Crocodiles, birds, monkeys, bats, huge iguanas, and beautiful trees. I even captured an insane local man fishing IN THE WATER! What?! Did he not see the gigantic Crocodiles everywhere?


It was a beautiful experience.
croc 2

croc 4

bird 4

birds 2

Iguana 2




Costa Rica is just a beautiful country with so much to see and do, I’ve only been one time and would love to return and see the other more tropical side. If you have a chance to go I would highly recommend the Four Seasons, if you’ve ever stayed at one you know the service is over the top and the staff is always extremely helpful and friendly. The food is amazing, we often ordered room service to our house from several of the restaurants, sometimes several different ones in one meal because we each wanted something different. The staff was very accommodating and everything was always so delicious. We enjoyed having the breakfast buffet each morning and then walking along the beach. When we wanted to head back up to our villa, there was always a golf cart waiting nearby to take us up there or anywhere else we wanted to go. I didn’t golf on this vacation, because I’m not that great of a golfer and because I had two small children with me, however my Parents, brother in-law and husband all golfed and loved every minute of it. They came back talking about how beautiful the course was and how difficult it was, I think at one point I heard best course they have ever played….and that says a lot! Next time I plan to golf just so I can see the course. I hope I get to go again soon!

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